Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who knew???

To celebrate Quinn's birthday, we took an overnight trip to Phoenix (nice resorts there are CHEAP in the summertime) and went swimming. To our great shock, Quinn knew how to swim! He walked in the water up to his waist and then leaned forward, let his feet float, arched his back and started paddling. We couldn't believe it. We know he received physical therapy for his brachial plexus injury at the orphanage, and our best guess is that they did some water therapy.

Quinn and Ba-Ba head into the pool:

Hey, this is fun!

Here's how it's done:

Quinn kept trying to push Tom's hand away so he could swim on his own, but Tom wouldn't budge:


Whew, swimming makes us thirsty!

And happy:

My favorite picture of the day. This is Quinn's cow impression, but here he looks just like a little monkey:


Lindsey's mom said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out Micheal Phelps here comes Quinn!!!

China Dreams said...

I really love the photo of the two of you chilling on the beach chairs. It's so cute to watch kids emulate adults. Your son just gets cuter every day!