Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trying to prevent surgery

We're closing in on decision time for Quinn's possible surgery to correct his brachial plexus injury. We're working with a new physical therapist who had an interesting idea to try to immobilize Quinn's good arm to force him to use his injured arm. Her thinking is that either he would start using the injured arm and we'd see he's making progress or we'd see pretty quickly that he couldn't use it and he needed the surgery.

So we tried it. Marge the PT warned us that kids typically get quite angry and sometimes hysterical when the temporary cast goes on, but then adapt. I was very nervous about Quinn, home just seven months and just now totally trusting us, feeling we had betrayed him.

Here's what happened: The PT put on the cast, which prevented Quin from bending his arm. He looked at it the cast briefly and then the little stinker went right back to the game he had been playing by backing up from the coffee table and using his fully extended, immobilized arm with absolutely no problem. Um, so much for that!

We discussed also putting a mitt on his hand, but the PT said he's using his two hands so well together - which is a new thing for him - that she doesn't want to take a step backward in that regard.

So in short, it didn't work!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grandad Bill's 80th birthday

We had a family dinner for my dad's 80th birthday at El Corral, a Southwestern steakhouse we all love. You never know how something like that is going to go over with a baby, but Quinn did so good. He sat there for TWO HOURS and behaved the entire time, thanks to a whole lot of food and a whole lot of Grandma Marj's hard work. She played 10 million rounds of pat-a-cake with him and let him play with her dangly earrings, which he LOVES to do (he never pulls, only flicks them with his fingers to make them swing). Thanks, Mom!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Attachment assesssment: good idea or waste of time?

I've been mulling the idea of having Quinn assessed by an attachment therapist. Not because I'm concerned, but because I'm curious. Will she spot something I've missed? Could we head off a problem we're not even aware of yet?

Has anyone done this with a child NOT showing obvious signs of attachment disorder?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Quinn's new thing is to throw, throw, throw EVERYTHING — his toys, his food, pretty much anything he can get his hands on. He laughs hysterically when he does it (which is quite charming) and I don't want to squelch his fun, but it can get fairly obnoxious when he throws food in restaurants or toys at the dogs (one of which is quite terrified by objects flying at her and spent much of today outside despite the heat).

Please tell me this is a normal stage of development. And assuming it is, how long does it last? And until then, how do you discourage the behavior without discouraging the kid?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big brave boy

The first time we put on a swing, at Christmastime in California, it was big tears and a terrified expression. So when his occupational therapy Emily wanted to take him to the park to swing, I was a little nervous. As further proof that the Quinn we knew is not the Quinn we know now, he defied expectations and LOVED it. He laughed and squealed and each time we stopped the swinging he screamed for more. He's getting so brave!

Quinn's baptism

In addition to the egg hunt, Easter was Quinn's baptism day. Godmother Susan suggested he should dress in white, and Grandma Marj scored with an adorable white suit - complete with pants, jacket, shirt, vest, tie - for $18 at Sam's Club.

The day was spectacular and the church was beautiful. Besides Grandma Marj getting to see her beloved boy baptized in her beloved church, Tom's family came from California for the big day. So it was extra special all around.

Here's the honoree with Obaachan and Auntie Bonny.

Here's Godmother Susan and Godcousin Kimberly, who Quinny LOVES to kiss!

The whole crowd, including Uncle Steve and Aunt Marie, who came down from Show Low, and Great Aunt Jan (better known as Gaj).

Quinn filled the time before the service with one of his favorite activities: playing with Grandma Marj's earrings. (He likes to dangle them, but he never pulls!)

I love this picture. Doesn't Grandma Marj just look so happy?

We took this picture pretty much the minute I got him dressed because I was convinced he'd be covered in dirt and dog food within minutes. Shockingly, he kept the whole ensemble on until nap time hours later!
Just before we traded the suit for a nap and some blue jeans.

A sweet moment with Obaachan.

Laughing with Aunt Susan.

It's (okay, it WAS) Easter!

Yes, I'm a little late in posting these. But I am determined to get back on track organizationally, so here goes.

On Easter Quinn was baptized (those photos coming soon). After church we had a big open house, which pooped him out so much he took a big long nap right in the middle of the party. When we woke up my mom pulled out the eggs she had boiled and colored just for him and they had a private little Easter egg hunt. Here are some photos:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Learning a new language

I mentioned before that Quinn is starting to talk. He also is building up a good list of words of phrases he understands and does an action to:

Clap, clap, clap
Kiss kiss
Open, close (with the fists)
Twinkle, twinkle (identical to open close, but hey, he's just a baby - give him a break!)
Twist, twist, twist (full body action with this one)
How big is Quinn? (arms out wide - So big!)
Knock knock

These are my two favorites:
1. Peekaboo - Say it and he'll put one hand on each side of his mouth, index finger against his face, his pinky sticking out. In no way is his face covered up, but it sure is cute.
2. Ta da! First the hands go on the tummy, palms down and fingers wide. Then up go the hands. But because of his brachial plexus injury, the left hand goes all the way up but the right hand sort of sticks out in front of him. It's beyond adorable. Come to think of it, I'd better get a picture!