Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An amazing gift

I'm starting to think about (not yet work on...) Quinn's baby album. In getting organized, I came across these photos, which I had not posted before.

In Beijing we visited Quinn's finding place, a subway station, and had the amazing good fortune of finding a security guard who was on duty the day he was found and told us which police sub-station he had been taken to. We went there, and were able to meet the man who picked Quinn up from the subway and brought him to the police station. Thanks to the generous staff and our wonderfully tenacious Holt representative, Leah, we left with a copy of his file - and pictures from the day he was found, at six days old.

The bed Quinn is laying on is still at the police station, and that blue-and-white-checked blanket is still on it! I plopped Quinn right down and got a picture of him on the very same bed where his journey began.

And here he is, Baby Jianrong, on June 14, 2007:


China Dreams said...


You are so lucky! All we have is a black and white photocopy of the advertisement the police ran when our son was found, and he has a pretty smushed looking little face in it. And I have to say, Quinn was a good looking baby even then.

Jill said...

Yeah, we totally really what a special gift this is. We're so grateful for it!

Sara W. said...

Wow! How neat that you have these photos..what a blessing!! He's beautiful!