Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surgery and the sniffles

Quinn's shoulder surgery is scheduled for Thursday, April 29 at Boston Children's Hospital. We've been planning it for so long and now it's just about here. Seeing as how it took us months to schedule the surgery, and how we have to travel across the country for it, and how they can't operate on a sick child, we've been doing all we can to keep Quinn healthy. No play areas. Lots of hand-washing. No physical therapy at the regular, grimy place.

So, of course, I started getting sick on Thursday. I've been taking Zicam every four hours - yes, I actually would rather lose my sense of smell than be sick - and drinking tea with Airborne pretty much constantly. I have managed to keep the sore throat and cold at bay, but when I woke up this morning it was pretty clear bronchitis (which I get a lot and can identify immediately upon arrival) was moving it. It's Saturday and my doc is out of town, so I zipped over to the CVS Minute Clinic - turns out, contrary to their advertising, the nurse practitioners are pretty much not allowed to prescribe antibiotics except in very rare, very serious situations. So off to urgent care I went - and luckily managed to find the one location in town that had almost no wait.

Now I'm waiting for the Zithromax to work and trying my best not to touch Quinn. Very confusing to the poor boy, I'm sure. Our fingers are crossed that he stays healthy!

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