Saturday, June 26, 2010

Asian adoptees everywhere

We've back from Boston, where it seemed like every other family had an Asian daughter. By noon our last day I counted 10 families!

It was so awesome to see, and really got me thinking about where are the greatest concentration of kids from China. Hubby said he read Texas had the greatest number, but considering that those kids are scattered all over an enormous state, the concentration might not be that high.

Does anyone know which city has the most Chinese adoptees per capita?


China Dreams said...

Great question, Jill; I can't find the answer, though I'll bet the State Dept. of CCAA know. However, here in central NH where most of our towns are 1,000 people to just a few thousand people, I think the ratio is pretty high. Our town population is probably about 1,100 and I have my Chinese son; a couple across town have two sons from Romania; I think there's another couple with two adopted children who are African. In the next town I know of two Korean adoptees, the town to the side of that one there are three I think, the town beside that one has when you're talking about elementary schools with class sizes of 8-18 per grade level in many cases, that's a pretty high ratio, I think.

China Dreams said...

Hi Jill,
I checked to see if "the answer" could be found through the Open Door Society of NH/Vermont but I think they've been absorbed by ACONE-Adoption Community of New England-or, at the least, no longer have a website. That probably explains why the annual event is always in Massachusetts. Anyway, there are nine chapters in MA, one in NH, four in VT, and one in RI. So that probably gives you an idea of the concentration of adoptees in New England.

Jill said...

Interesting! It's funny, I was reading Ann Hood's "The Red Thread" while we were in Boston and in her author's note at the end it says she adopted a girl from China through an agency is Brookline, Mass. - which is where Children's Hospital is, and where we were staying! Above the Bruegger's we visited every morning was a little sign that said, "China adoption." So I wonder if maybe that agency being right there contributed to the high number.