Saturday, October 9, 2010

Future fashionista (fashionisto?)

Funny how I'm seeing everything through the Sensory Processing lens these days. About a month ago Quinn went from not liking the feel of anything soft to loving the feel of coats and blankets draped over him. He often pulls my coats out the closet to try on, and also likes to pull blankets off the bed and drapes off the wall, both of which make fine capes (and stangulation risks, I know!).

It's a little bit funny, a little bit odd, and very Quinn. The upside, beyond the amusing live performance: If he ends up becoming a fashion designer and/or auditioning for Project Runway, I have the perfect photos for his audition tape/book jacket/press kit. All he'll have to do is add a heartfelt, "I've loved fabrics since I was a toddler," and he's good to go!


China Dreams said...

Project Runway is my favorite show on tv! Despite not being all that happy with the cattiness this season and disappointed that they STILL haven't done a petite episode (I'm 4'11"), I watch it religiously-on demand if I miss the original airing.

Quinn would be the perfect future designer. Who better than a person who loves things that feel good against their skin?

Adorable photos. I especially like the last one.


Snickerdoodle said...

Does Quinn have a weighted jacket/vest? Can work wonders, and fairly easy to make. (just google it)
Might help the sensory seeking behaviour a bit.
Snick :)

kyburg said...

Do you think the change is coming as a result of the additional therapy/attention he's getting? It really looks like things are going all in the right direction!

Artsdeco said...

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Jill said...

Ruby, I'm a PR fanatic, too! We watch it on DVD a year later so I'm always behind, but always enthusiastic! It is kind of shocking they haven't done petites - I'd never thought about that!

Snick, they just started putting a weighted vest on Quinn at pre-school. The first day was a constant "Take off!" "Take off!" but it's gotten better in the three or so days since then. Yesterday he wore it for an hour! My mom had a good idea to buy a kids' fishing vest and fill it with weights for an at-home version - I'll let you know how that goes!

And Kyburg, I do think the exercises/therapy are already making a difference. I made one really stupid mistake with the crash pad that set us back a bit (I'll post about it so everyone can share in my stupidity) but other than that I think it's really helping!