Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A (fleeting) wish for a sis

We have pretty much decided that Quinn will be an only child. So of course, when I told him this morning that his friend Nate was going to have a baby sister soon, he said, "We gotta go get a baby sister! Quinn want a baby sister." Just how deep is his desire? This afternoon, I was looking at a blog by the mom of a boy from Quinn's orphanage - they're in China now and welcomed a beautiful, smiling baby girl just yesterday. "Look!" I showed Quinn when he came to see what I was doing. "Matthew got a baby sister!" He leaned in close, squinted at the screen and proclaimed, "All done baby sister!" Then he went to play with his toy garbage truck. And that - at least for today... - was that.


China Dreams said...

It is a tough decision, I know. I loved our first child so much that I could have been happy, at least for years, with just him, so it was very fortunate that I got pregnant by accident with number two. They were 21 months apart but only a year apart in school due to birthday timing, and today they are their own mutual admiration society. As different as night and day; as close as two siblings of opposite gender can be.

We will be welcoming a daughter from China in September, I hope. Aidan had gone back and forth about it and whether or not he wanted her; some days, when bored, he would say, "I can't wait 'till Eva gets home," but other days he would say he didn't want her. Then, when the last batch of pictures came, he said, "Look, Mommy, she has black hair just like me! And it's flat, like mine, too." Now I now that we're doing the right thing. Not only will he have a sister the same age as him (though for a while, at least, she'll be a year behind him in school), but he will have a sister that looks like him too. We didn't know how conscious he was of the differences between him and others in the family until that comment.

I know that's a lot of rambling, but figured I'd share another Chinese boy's thoughts.

Hope you guys had a great Independence Day!


Jill said...

Ruby, it is tough! Just when I think I have it decided I realize I don't. I really do believe that, for now, the fulltime attention of two parents and a grandma is exactly what Quinn needs. But I also believe that, in the long term, having a sibling would be good for him. So what's right? I don't know!!!