Monday, November 25, 2013

Just-right space

The awesome news is that Quinn is actively trying to make friends. The not-so-awesome news is that his friend-making skills are not as sharp as they could be. He has some real challenges staying in his own space, and has taken to following kids around with about an inch between him and the other kid. Shockingly, this doesn't go over well.

After his kindergarten teacher asked us for some ideas to help deal with this, his fantastic social-skills teacher taught me about just-right space and suggested I make him a social story book since he's such a visual kid. So I grabbed some photo time with Quinn and his good buddy Andrew (also a sensory seeker who is just fine with Quinn invading his personal space) and created my very first social story book!

Read it here.


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Robin LeTourneau said...

what a clever idea - and a very fun book. I bet you and the boys had a great time making it.