Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big boys use spoons

Friday in speech therapy the miraculous Marsha finally got Quinn to not only eat from a spoon but drink from a straw. He ate a little off the spoon that night, then went back to rejecting it for a couple of days. We'd put in on his tray and he'd heave it onto the floor - sometimes empty, sometimes filled with food. On Tuesday, though, he decided it was okay. He picked it up, started eating and hasn't turned back.

It took him a little time to get the angle right - at first he would put the scoop into his mouth sideways and not actually get any food off it. He still puts it in that way, but now gives a little twist and away he goes.

We weren't sure we'd ever see this day at times, and here it is! He also is drinking from the straw with great gusto. Now the only hurdle to clear is getting him to feed himself with his fingers.

Great job, Quinnie!

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