Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does this fit into that?

Quinn has become very interested in how things fit together. Today the object of his curiosity was his shapes box. After being totally stumped by the thing at Christmas when Auntie Bonny gave it to him, he has mastered where every shape goes and is now looking for additional uses for this beloved toy.

Hmmm, a doggie chew stick. Does that it into the square hole? Yes, it does. And how about my hand? Does it fit into the circle hole? Well, yes, it does. It's so cool how when you're 20 months old, anything can be a learning tool!


China Dreams said...


It's great to see how ordinary Quinn is acting. I know that sounds strange, but I think you'll understand. He seems to be bright, happy, and acting every bit his age.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Jill said...

Ruby, it doesn't sound strange at all. I definitely do understand exactly what you mean and I agree!!