Thursday, April 16, 2009

Talk, talk, talk

Quinn's first "word," uttered a couple weeks ago just shy of 22 months, was hi. Mind you, it's silent - he just opens his mouth VERY WIDELY in the shape of the word. But it's always consistent and it always means hello, so I think it counts. Since then he added "up" and "uh oh,' which sound suspiciously similar but he uses them in the proper context ("uh oh" always comes after heaving his spoon onto the floor signaling the end of the meal). He also says "Mama" quite a bit, to a group that includes me, Tom, my mom, his OT and today his speech therapist. She said kids often use a word for an entire group of people and mama is frequently used for anyone doing care giving, so that makes sense. But still!

But today - today! - he started mimicking our words. During speech therapy this morning it was "push" - the sound of a dog bark (not sure why...) followed by a series of "pah" "pah" sounds. At lunch we moved onto "yum yum." He was very proud of himself when he got that one. And then after dinner tonight I asked him if he wanted a cracker and he pointed and said "ack."

The speech therapist said that by 24 months a child should have 50 words and the ability to string two of them together. Umm, I don't think so. Not by June 8. But we are moving!!

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