Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quinn's baptism

In addition to the egg hunt, Easter was Quinn's baptism day. Godmother Susan suggested he should dress in white, and Grandma Marj scored with an adorable white suit - complete with pants, jacket, shirt, vest, tie - for $18 at Sam's Club.

The day was spectacular and the church was beautiful. Besides Grandma Marj getting to see her beloved boy baptized in her beloved church, Tom's family came from California for the big day. So it was extra special all around.

Here's the honoree with Obaachan and Auntie Bonny.

Here's Godmother Susan and Godcousin Kimberly, who Quinny LOVES to kiss!

The whole crowd, including Uncle Steve and Aunt Marie, who came down from Show Low, and Great Aunt Jan (better known as Gaj).

Quinn filled the time before the service with one of his favorite activities: playing with Grandma Marj's earrings. (He likes to dangle them, but he never pulls!)

I love this picture. Doesn't Grandma Marj just look so happy?

We took this picture pretty much the minute I got him dressed because I was convinced he'd be covered in dirt and dog food within minutes. Shockingly, he kept the whole ensemble on until nap time hours later!
Just before we traded the suit for a nap and some blue jeans.

A sweet moment with Obaachan.

Laughing with Aunt Susan.

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