Sunday, May 17, 2009

Attachment assesssment: good idea or waste of time?

I've been mulling the idea of having Quinn assessed by an attachment therapist. Not because I'm concerned, but because I'm curious. Will she spot something I've missed? Could we head off a problem we're not even aware of yet?

Has anyone done this with a child NOT showing obvious signs of attachment disorder?


Lindsey's mom said...

We have not done it..Lindsey is doing fine. We would only do it if needed. Also, you very well may end up paying it out of pocket.

kyburg said...

Xander is older, so we're seeing other kinds of things - not attachment related, per ce, but definitely adjustment related (TONS of control issues - he wants it ALL, hello my name is 3 year old).

Like...some abrupt wakeups (night terrors? Not sure....).

He's seeing a ton of people - someone to check things like attachment wouldn't be a bad thing, but not yet. We've only been home two months, after all.

Jill said...

Yeah, that's probably a little early. But I hope he keeps doing better and better!