Thursday, September 17, 2009


We had hoped to have Quinn's brachial plexus surgery done by Dr. Nath in Houston. But our insurance company has denied that request. They did, however, quite generously offer us four good alternatives. If anyone knows anything about any of these BPI programs or the docs there I sure would appreciate it.

Dr. Peter Waters, Boston Children's Hospital
Dr. Scott Kozin, Shriners, Philadelphia
BPI team, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
BPI team, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Thanks for any info you may have!


kyburg said...

I'd ask Dr. Nath!

China Dreams said...

Hi Jill,

I think that kyburg's suggestion is a good one. Ask Dr. Nath's office who they would recommend.

If you don't hear anything, get in touch with me through the adopt-beijing group and I'll find out about the Boston doc for you.

richard said...

Dr. Nath is awesome and I have no doubt he will tell you who he would recommend!

richard said...

btw,,richard is my husband's account,,didn't realize he was logged in!
:) Mell (mom to Sophie)

Sara W. said...

Hi Jill...try to copy and paste this link (sorry it's so long and messy looking). I was checking into CHW here for brachial plexus treatment/surgery and such. I know you have researched this to death..but it never hurts to read more, right? :-) CHW is an awesome hospital, like many others. We, like you and Tom, think nothing of traveling to receive the best treatment for our little Quinn. I know how you feel. We are actually following a surgeon from CHW out to Cleveland (Rainbow Babies/Childrens Hosp) for Quinn's upcoming surgery in Dec. We absolutely love him and would travel wherever we needed to, just so Quinn would have him. The surgeon actually emailed us and said even though he is leaving CHW he would still love to see and treat Quinn when we returned from out to Cleveland we went!

Anyway, was just thinking of your little guy and wanted to forward this link. He is growing so much and is just adorable!! Always looks so happy. :-)

Sara W. said...
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Jill said...

Hi Sara, good to hear from you! I just checked out your blog - looks like your Quinn is doing great, too! All best, Jill