Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I knew this day was coming but...

Last week I had to go to New York for a board meeting of an organization I'm deeply involved with. The best part was I got to visit a family we traveled to China with and witness the amazing transformation of their beautiful daughter, who is so changed in 10 months it's just incredible. The worst part is we had to use the nanny service for the first time. Two half days, two different nannies. My goal was to have him in family care only for six months and we made to to 10, so I should be happy, but still.

Quinn, little soldier that he is, did well with both women. I was slightly panicked from afar and kept hoping everything was going okay.

Does this get easier? Will we ever think date night is a good idea??


Lindsey's mom said...

Big HUGS!!! It does get better. Leaving your kids is so hard especially your first. Before you know it, Quinn will be off to preschool and not even waving bye when he goes in. That is where I am at...:)

Jill said...

No, no! Don't tell me he won't be my little baby forever - I'm not ready to hear it!!