Thursday, January 7, 2010

Isn't this supposed to be a treasured memory?

Quinn has gone from bald to shaggy, so we trucked him down to see George, who does our hair, and who said that, sure, he can do kids' hair.


Quinn started crying the minute the water bottle came out.

Eventually he got so hysterical that poor George gave up after doing half of Quinn's head. I'm not sure which of them was more upset.

We took Quinn out for his favorite grilled cheese sandwich after the dreaded event, and within about 30 seconds he was beaming like it was Christmas morning.

Hopefully next time will go better...


China Dreams said...

Just a suggestion here: Use clippers. Aidan hates the scissors but loves the clippers. Whether I cut his hair or he sits at the hairdresser's shop, it is more than obvious that little boys get their hair cut with electric clippers in China. He will even make the buzzing noise and run his hand over his head like he is holding the clippers in his hand.

Jill said...

Oh, good idea, I'll try it!