Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little man of letters

Giving Quinn a bath a few nights ago, Tom pulled out the foam letters and numbers Grandma Marj gave him for Christmas. Much to Tom's astonishment, the child who just scored a full year behind on his speech assessment started picking up letters, saying what they were and sticking them to the wall. He got through maybe 10 letters and 3-4 numbers before he got bored and went on to something else.

Neither of us has tried to teach him his ABCs, thinking he's not nearly ready for that. I guess all those ABC books are sinking in!


China Dreams said...

Awesome news. Kids are just amazing.

Sara W. said...

Better watch out, Quinn's going to bust out the "ABC" song one of these days..and just look at you and smile :-)

What awesome news on the speech front!! Wow!!