Monday, December 1, 2008

A breakthrough day

The Mighty Quinn had not one, but two, breakthroughs today.

First, at lunch, he seemed VERY interested in my milkshake so I dipped the nipple of his big-boy bottle (his new sippy-cup-style bottle) into the milkshake and he slurped it right up. We did it about three more times with the same results. Then I offered him some on my spoon and, as usual, he turned his head away in despair.

Then, this afternoon, Quinn was playing on one side of our big square coffee table and I was on the computer on the other side. I saw a head slowly rise so I crawled around and watched him pull himself up into a standing position for the first time.

Hooray for Quinn! It's amazing to see how fast he is coming along - learning and growing every day. Also becoming MUCH more of a handful. A week ago I could sit him down with his toys and he'd be good to go. Just now I sat him down and he crawled straight to a large, heavy framed photo Tom has leaning on his office wall and just about pulled it right down on himself. Now he's having a good cry because I moved him away from it. Mean Mama.


Jill said...

Jill, I have not visited your blog since you came home from China. It looks like you are doing GREAT! Quinn is changing FAST! Your Christmas is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! ENJOY every moment!

Sara said...

Wow, your little Quinn is changing so fast :-) Sounds like he is on the go now...exploring!! Just love all the pictures!! My sister used the octo-gate type thing with her little boy, and it worked good...kept him away from the Christmas tree.

We put up our tree last Sunday...when I brought Sophie down from her nap..and she saw all the lights (she is 2yrs), She put her little hands in the air and said "wow, what we having?" Like we decorated for a birthday party...or something. Each morning she comes down, she is as excited as the first time. The Christmas season is always so much brighter when viewed through the eyes of a child. Just magical really.

If you haven't already checked these out...Robeez are awesome little shoes/slippers for little ones. They are so comfy, so easy to put on...and they stay on. A fellow adoptive mother told me about them. I found mine at the Stride Rite outlet..for like $22.

Enjoy each second with Quinn!!