Monday, December 1, 2008

The Christmas decorating dilemma

A kid certainly makes the holidays more fun. You can walk through the mall singing along to Christmas songs, and if you have a kid with you, no one even looks at you. Take it from someone who knows, that's not the case when you're alone.

However, Quinn does present a dilemma when it comes to decorating. He is now crawling all over the house and he likes to reach up and pull things he comes across. So: Christmas tree or no Christmas tree? I am nervous he will pull it down on himself. But I also want him to have a tree since he LOVES lights. I'm considering skipping the big tree and putting a small tree up high where he can see and not touch.

Any ideas?


Elizabeth said...

Our first year with our son walking around, we were scared of the same thing. We put up a smaller artificial tree and he never acknowledged it. We were shocked. This year he is 2 and since I was miserable with the crappy tree last year, we went out and bought an 8 foot real tree. Again I expected the worst, but when he got up this morning, he walked in the living room and barely looked at it. I say go for it and if you have a problem, you can always put a barrier around it. We have a baby gate that can make an octagonal "pen" that we used when Isaac was very little and I have seen many people with those around their trees. Have a great Christmas!!

Jill said...

Wow, that's great - and I love the baby gate idea. That might be just what we need! Thanks!

Lindsey's mom said...

We were worried about LIndsey but never let her next ot it unless we were there...she really did not have any issues and she was just learning to walk last Xmas.