Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hooray! We're eating!

A miraculous event occurred at the dinner table last night. Just as we finished eating, Quinn finished his baby food bananas and started dipping his bottle nipple into Uncle Gary's clam miso soup. He did this many, many, many times, always to enthusiastic applause.

Here's a picture:

After a while, Gary offered Quinn a sip from his large, Chinese porcelain soup spoon. Quinn rejected it, but was obviously considering it. Here's what that looked like:

But Gary hung in there and eventually Quinn stuck out his little tongue and stuck it into the soup. A bit after that he even let Gary give him a few sips from the spoon, even though Quinn never really opened his mouth.

Here's the big moment:

The final step is when Quinn took the spoon himself and brought it up to his mouth several times. He didn't quite have the angle right so I don't think any actually got it, but STILL!

Here's the big boy's first attempt at feeding himself with a spoon:

So glad we caught these moments on film. This is why we have two cameras with us everywhere we go!


Lindsey's mom said...

Yeah Quinn!
He will get there..Lindsey had no idea what food was until about 2 months after we came home..then she just she eats non stop. Hope you all have a Happy 09

Jill said...

Thanks! He did not repeat his feat today, but we're happy with baby steps.

Happy New Year to you, too!

China Dreams said...

Congratulations! Baby steps are fine-just trust your mother's instincts and everything will work out.

Have a Happy New Year,

Christine said...

How precious!

China Dreams said...

I just wanted to add that I hope you all have a healthy and happy New Year!