Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eating - we're getting there!

Since the day we met Quinn he has refused to eat anything that doesn't come from a bottle. At first, if he even showed him solid food he would cry. Now he looks at it and then turns his head away.

In the past month, sometimes Quinn would let me dip his bottle nipple into a milkshake or baby food and take a bit or two. Yesterday he started doing it himself! He picks up the bottle, dips the nipple into his bowl and sucks away. Last night at dinner I took away the bottle and just gave him the nipple, hoping it would approximate a spoon. This morning I went a step further and put a spoon in the bowl, but he'd have none of it.

His feeding specialist, who has been quite perplexed at his absolute refusal to eat solids, believe he suffered some sort of trauma related to food - either he was force-fed or burned by too-hot congee. I'm curious if anyone out there experienced anything similar, and what they did about it.


Phil and Sherry said...

Our daughter will not eat anything white. We think it was a congee related event. She also has to sniff everything, and I mean everything. We had to open her bottles and let her sniff them when she was still drinking from a bottle.

Snickerdoodle said...

Take his lead. Go slowly. It might just sort itself out. I love that he'll use his little nipple to try out something in the bowl. That's great!

Or it could be a sensory processing thing and that takes more work. And time.

But you'll get there. :)

Merry Everything!
Snick :)