Thursday, January 1, 2009

A very late 50th anniversary celebration

Tom's parents celebrated their 50th anniversary on Oct. 22. We were all supposed to go on a cruise, but then we found out we were leaving to meet Quinn on Oct. 29. So no cruise. Maybe in 2009. But for now we celebrated with a delicious seafood dinner at the Fishwife in Pacific Grove, Calif.

Earlier in the day I bought Quinn a couple of toddler food bowls and brought along one of mac 'n cheese with chicken and veggies. Quinn was pretty lukewarm about it at first, but pretty soon he dipped his bottle nipple into the can and started munching away. He stuck mostly with the sauce, but got quite a few bites of macaroni, veggies and chicken, too. This is the first bonafide solid food Quinn has eaten since we've known him, so that was something else to celebrate!

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