Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eating - more progress every day!

My friend Brenda, who we met in Beijing, sent me a great e-mail yesterday sharing her experience with her own daughter's feeding issues (now resolved). The breakthrough happened when their feeding specialist smeared yogurt all over her daughter's tray and let her play in it. Her message was encouraging and reassuring and recommended that we relax and let Quinn progress at his own schedule.

Almost immediately, the kid started eating new things! We tried the yogurt trick, but just with a bowl, and after a little fussing he started lapping it up. That encouraged Tom's mom to buy some applesauce, which he started scooping up with his bottle nipple. Today he has had two servings of Japanese sweet beans, also scooping them up with the nipple.

Thanks, Brenda!!! Above, as you can probably tell, are some photos of the yogurt adventure.


Elizabeth said...

So glad to see your progress! Quinn gets more and more handsome with every set of pictures!! I have loved following along with your journey!

zazzlefour said...

Wow! Great to see the yogurt pictures and so glad YOU are feeling better about Quinn's eating adventures! Every day will get easier! Just a little more time! Blessings to your sweet family! Love, Brenda

Phil and Sherry said...


I thought of another issue our daughter had--hot foot. She will not eat anything hot, and her definition of hot is anything above room temp. We have to cool down all her food. We think she had her mouth burned at some point, and thus the aversion.

China Dreams said...

These pictures are definitely keepers-congratulations!