Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long needles and big tears

Quinn had to get THREE shots today and it did not go well. The first one made him cry the big, sad, open-mouth cry. The second one made him hysterical. And the third one drove him right into despondent. Worse, I was holding him during the whole process and right when he looked up at me for help is when the third shot came. I hope I am projecting, but he looked at me like I had betrayed him. Afterwards he was SO mad and didn't want to let me touch him, but Tom had the good idea to have us both touch him and talk to him, and that calmed him down.

How do other parents out there handle shots? Any ideas to make it go better next time???


Snickerdoodle said...

EMLA patch. And a bottle of his favorite liquid immediately popped into his mouth right after said needles. Sorta works!
Snick :)

Phil and Sherry said...

I sent daddy to hold down our daughter once. It broke her fixation that I was responsible for the pain. Our doctor also passes out lollipops at the end of a visit and she is usually so excited about the candy that she will scream through anything. She stops crying immediately when the candy appears.

Lindsey's mom said...

I tell them yes it going to hurt for a moment but then it will be all done. I also encourage two nurses to tag team. (Being a nurse myself) If my kids need two shots..they get them at the same on each leg.

Other ways is sit him in your lap, facing away from you..hold his head so you can turn it away form the nurse while clamping his leg between yours? Sounds crazy but it works...We do stickers. :) It iwll be ok....he will be ok..the first round is hard. Hang in there.

Sara said...

Suckers....he's probaly too young for those yet :-)

*A little toy of some kind
*A package of fruities...that you can squish and make noise to distract him
*Immediately pick him up and start humming/singing while swaying back and forth...having him wrapped in his blanket.
*Gather your belongings and make way to the car/van/truck ASAP :-) Just get out of there!!!
*He will be ok, you both will be ok...shots are never fun
*Take the bandaids off as soon as you can..otherwise they can get too sticky, then they cry just the same when you take them off. I take them off before leaving the room...they're usually crying anyway :-)

You both are awesome are doing a wonderful job!! Follow your heart and trust your can't go wrong. Yes, sometimes reading on Yahoo groups can be just too much information. Not that they can't be helpful... I used to read one or 2 before going to China...but since coming home, I haven't checked one. Part of it is that I just don't have time with 4 little ones...I'm just happy to update my blog once a week or check on another blog :-) My time at the computer is very limited...but I just had to tell you guys not to worry, you're doing all the right things..and I love the updated pictures of Quinn. He is soooooo adorable!!

Jonathan said...
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Jill said...

Thanks to you all for your terrific ideas! I should have asked the question BEFORE we went to the doctor, but I didn't know how traumatic it was going to be!

China Dreams said...

Only do two at once-have them put in opposite arms at the same time so that he only experiences the one pain and then, that quickly, it is over. Do hold him, do make a big deal about it (orphans need to know that crying from physical pain is okay and that your role is to make it better-he seems to have figured this out already). Get him back to the doctor's office quickly, even if you have to fabricate a reason for going (just drop in to the office, sit for a spell, and leave if necessary) so that he doesn't always associate the office with pain and sickness.