Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Night terrors - help!

For about the last week Quinn has had bouts of crying in his sleep. They don't wake him up, and he wakes up in the morning fresh and happy with a smile on his face. Still, they are traumatic for Mama and Baba who aren't sure why this is happening or what - if anything - we should do.

You parents out there, did you see this with your kids? If so, at what point? And what did you do about it?


Elizabeth said...

Jill, I have one bio son (2 years) and am paperchasing for a son from China. I do have some suggestions. Anytime my son teethed, he cried in his sleep. Sometimes, I didn't even know the teeth were coming in (molars and the canines were the worst!!). When that was the case, ibuprofen was a lifesaver. I would also recommend that you get the Ferber book about Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems. I have only read the sections on Nightmares and Night Terrors/Confusional Arousals, but found it to be VERY helpful.....and don't worry....he won't tell you to leave him alone and cry it out. I would not necessarily attribute it to orphanage life (although that could be a part of it!) since Quinn has been sleeping well previously. Good luck and keep us posted!

Lindsey's mom said...

My daughter from China slept great until about 3 mo after we got home. She was up with us in her little bed..then her big she sleeps with me. SHE was having them nightly. It was traumatic. both my bio kids had them as well...night terrors are icky..and really you cant wake the kids up..or I couldnt. I just stay with lindsey (when she had them) and remember I have no idea what she is remembering..or what she wnet through. Good Luck and Lindsey sleeps through the night now..but is still with me. :)

Phil and Sherry said...

Our daughter has had many sleep related issues since coming home. They all settled out at about 18 months home, but she was older at adoption than your son. For the night terrors, we would get her up 30 minutes into sleep. She never fully woke up, we would pick her up, give her a kiss, and lay her back down. It worked wonderfully and they stopped completely. The nightmares petered out on their own, mainly we just comforted her. Even now, almost 22 months home, she predictably cries out at 2 am. So predictably that on the nights she doesn't, I still wake up.