Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quinn ate his first finger food, but...

Eating has been a big issue for Quinn. Since the day we met him he has refused any food other than his bottle. Our best guess is that he was burned by some too-hot formula or congee, or was force-fed. He clearly suffered some sort of trauma and decided that food is not safe unless it comes in a bottle.

With help from an excellent feeding specialist and lots of patience, Quinn has found his own solution. He won't take food from a spoon, but he will take it from the nipple of his bottle. He started out eating a peppermint milkshake off the nipple, then moved on to juice. He stared making read headway in California, where he discovered clam miso soup and Japanese sweet beans. Now he'll eat anything that will stick on that nipple. We have retired the baby food and broken out the food chopper.

Quinn in action. Mashed sweet potatoes!

He occasionally will use a utensil now. Here he is testing a spoon designed by our feeding specialist. He also sometimes will take a lick from a Chinese soup spoon (there's one in the bowl).

Today was the first time he picked up food with his fingers and put it in his mouth. His first food of choice? Dog food! Most parents might be horrified, but we rejoiced. He didn't chew or swallow, but put a piece in his mouth, licked it and pulled it back out. I swapped him the kibble for some toddler banana puff crackers, and he stuck a couple of those in his mouth, but also pulled them out.

For us, that's real progress!

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