Saturday, November 1, 2008

About that bad shoulder

Quinn for available for adoption because he has something called brachial plexus injury, which is when the nerves in the shoulder are either stretched or torn during birth. An update before we left said he couldn't pick anything up with his right hand, so we were pretty worried.

Miraculously, all appears well. He immediately grasped a ring toy with his right hand, although he doesn't hold onto it long. He also grabbed my finger with no problem. His right thumb does appear quite weak and he definitely favors his left hand, but I'm not worried. Ronnie gave us some exercises to do (thanks, Ron - mom, can you send her this blog address?) and we'll start working with him today.


Mell said...

Dear Jill,
First of all, I don't usually look at all of the emails I get from the blog groups I'm on, but for some reason I read yours and clicked on your blog,,,,cried when I read it because OUR daughter also has brachial plexus! We adopted her from Jiangxi last October at the age of 20 months. Hers is also the right arm. Quinn is beautiful and I look forward to reading more about your journey! I would love to hear from you!
Melanie Curry

Sara said...

Hello, I just discovered your blog on an adoption yahoo group post. I was just skimming down the messages and saw the name Quinn...that immediately made me stop :-) We are in the process of adopting a little 5yr.old boy from China. We are waiting for our LOA (we are day 102) so we really hope not much longer!! Anyway, we are naming our little boy Quinn too :-) We will be following your all the pictures. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!!! He is just adorable!! Thank you for sharing your journey to Quinn!

Sara said...

Oh, on the blog picture posting question you had...Not sure if this is how most do it, but it works for me and is easy. I just pick and upload all my pictures first...then just click next to them and start typing my text...then move down to the next picture, click next to it, type...That way, the text describing the picture is above it. This now sounds confusing as I'm typing this, but that's how I do it :-) and I'm fairly new to blogging, so if I can do it, you can :-) Take Care.

TheDideonGang said...

I tried emailing you but it came back so posting...
God Bless you he is so beautiful and yes he has been terribly spoiled – you may have a few tough days ahead but he will bond well because of it. I have 4 from China, married later and we got our first months before my 41st and it was a boy. He was 18m and just a wonderful little boy who is now 6. We just got our other boy 4m ago and like Quinn was spoiled rotten. He could walk at almost 4 but preferred to be carried everywhere so the shoes will help you. My little Winston today was running all over the house so proud but the first 2-3 wks we had a bit of a battle with him just wanting to be held all the time. So there will be some battles but they will disappear quickly – his food tastes will change a bit at home too and prob a bit more picky – but with all 4 of mine after 3 tries they have always like the food and hardly have issues.
Picking a boy is so much better – having two of each… the boys are the easiest and you will love every min of it.
Enjoy your trip.
Lavonne - LCC group mom