Sunday, November 2, 2008


Quinn has definitely entered his mourning phase. Both at his nap yesterday and overnight he cried in his sleep. Not an angry or needy cry, but a low, mournful, heartbreaking wail. It's so sad. I know that's a good thing and it means he was, indeed, bonded to his nannies. But seeing his little face and hearing him cry is just devastating. Hopefully he'll move into his next, happier phase soon.


Kelly said...

Our daughter has a "sleepy" hand due to brain surgery, and one of my brownies has the same thing your son does. It doesn't slow either one of them down. The girl with your son's issue uses her hand when she has to, but it doesn't look weird or anything - most of the time it isn't noticeable. As my daughter has gotten older and WANTS to do things for herself she works hard to figure out how to do it. They are resilient, and just fine. I enjoy your posts and hope to experience a gotcha day with our own son one day.

China Dreams said...

I have been home two days with our four year old son after three weeks spent in China with him. He rarely cries-never due to physical injury. But just tonight he cried during his bath. I think he misunderstood something I was asking of him, and he was definitely overstimulated, but it is heartbreaking.

Mell said...

Sophie cried the whole time we were in China. A few times she cried for over 2 hours,,at one time! It was VERY difficult and there was nothing we could do but hold her and talk sweetly to her. After a couple of days, I started rubbing her feet with lotion very softly and it always helped to calm her down. To this day, she still wants me to rub her feet with lotion,,,:)