Friday, November 14, 2008

Quinn's first American meal

We've really been enjoying all the great Chinese food. But we have to admit that after more than two weeks in China, some American food sounded pretty darn good. It's a gorgeous day, so we went to Lucy's and ate outside.

Iced tea - hooray!

And grilled cheese sandwiches - with the crusts cut off!


Lindsey's mom said...

Just look at that boy!! So cute!!! We loved Lucys...Lindsey worked on the pasta even though she had no clue how to eat solids at age 15 mo..No problems now!!! I was in the bathroom and she brought me a popsicle to open for her!! LOL! Yeah go to the bathroom alone as much as possible because it ENDS SOON!!!

Lindsey's mom said...

Disclaimer..I washed my hands first!!! :-) You probably think I am a crazy Alaskan!!! LOL!

Sara said...

Lucy's seems very popular from what we have read...I'm sure we will be eating there while in GZ.

Your dinner at the "old" coffee/tea house looked SO neat!! What was the name of it? We're definitely going there...the tea setting was so pretty...My little girl said "look, they are having honey tea." Not sure if it was honey but it did look good :-) I really want to have tea (good tea) while in China.

On your flight from Beijing to GZ...could you only have one suitcase at a 44lb limit? and one carry on at a 9 pound limit??...per each person. That is not very much...if we are reading correctly...I'm kind of freaking out about that :-)

I was thinking once we are in China, and have our little boy(Quinn) we could buy him a suitcase so that he too could check a bag...and just have more room in general. We plan on him using his backpack for his carry on bag(he's 6yrs. old)...I have all kinds of games, coloring books, play-doh..etc..for him.

I take it we will be packing very lightly.....

Jill said...

Lindsey's mom, after seeing Alaska a couple of years ago (we went on a family cruise), I think everyone who lives there is brilliant! I've never seen such a beautiful place!! I especially loved Sitka, which reminded me a little of my favorite Arizona town, Flagstaff.

Jill said...

Sara, the restaurant is called Baoqutang Cafe Bar. It's on the same street as Starbucks (a garden-like street with a park in the middle). Flying within China, you're limited to one bag per person, maximum 44 pounds. Our bags were heavier than that and were not weighed, but had they been we would have had to pay an overage charge, which we were ready to do. Carry-ons are limited to 11 pounds and only one per person, not a purse and a carry-on, like in the states. Again, ours was not weighed and our guide told us that as long as yours doesn't LOOK heavy you'll be fine.

Everyone who has a ticket gets a checked bag and a carry-on - Quinn just sat in my lap, so no bags for him.

We brought two fold-up duffle bags from Target with us and waited to do most of our shopping in Guangzhou. The stuff I bought in Beijing fit into the spaces left by the gifts we brought to the orphanage.

I hope that helps!

Sara said...

Yes, that helps...Thank You!