Monday, November 3, 2008

To share or not to share?

When we took our first adoption class nearly three years ago, the teacher suggested that when we get our children we don't let anyone hold them or touch them for three months, to facilitate bonding. We've heard many varying opinions since then, and in the end decided to play it by ear. If Quinn was having trouble bonding to us, we wouldn't let anyone else hold him. If he was adjusting well, we'd loosen up a bit, but we'd be the ones to do all the need- meeting, like feeding, changing diapers, etc.

When it was time to decide, it turned out to be pretty easy for us. When we went for our adoption interview yesterday, the orphanage manager who gave Quinn to us was there. She was so happy to see him but did not ask to hold him. I am so grateful to her for the good care Quinn got, and wanted her to know that. So when she came over to greet him after the interview, I offered, and she took him for a quick chat. He was perfectly comfortable with it, and came back to us easily when she handed him over. Today, we went to the Olympic Village and he became an instant celebrity. People wanted to pose with him and hold him for pictures. He was thrilled, and laughed gleefully through the whole thing. Afterwards was the most animated he's been with us - super happy and lots of smiles. So he obviously wasn't traumatized and it didn't seem to set him back a bit.

He seems to know already that no matter what goes on at the party, when it's time to leave he goes home with us.


Elizabeth said...

That smile is PRICELESS!! Looks like you are having a great time!

Sara said...

That is one happy little boy...and mommy and daddy!!!! Your trip seems to be going beautifully!! All 3 of you are just glowing!

Mell said...

How sweet is that?? What a happy boy! When we were there, people constantly wanted to take pictures with us and talk to us. Our guide told us it most mostly my blonde hair that they were fascinated with,,,,I never thought about it! lol I'm sure you're having that problem too! ha