Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Chinese factor

We're noticing some interesting things regarding how our kids relate to Chinese people. When Quinn is approached or held by someone - actually, usually a crowd of someones - who is Chinese, he is thrilled beyond words, laughing, smiling and showing off something fierce. He comes back to us easily and actually interacts BETTER with us afterwards.

Anna, the beautiful, super-smart 2-year-old in our group, has just the opposite reaction. If a Chinese person interacts with her - either holding her or even coming up for a chat - she takes one big emotional step away from her Mama and Baba. She doesn't want to go back to them and it sometimes pushes her right into meltdown mode. Her spectacular mother Susan, who has become my mothering role model, is faced with a huge and difficult dilemma: People in China are so very friendly and LOVE kids. They are just genetically drawn to them and truly want to help us new parents adjust. How does she tell them, for Anna's sake, not to approach?

And why such different reactions? It's all a bit of a mystery. We're wondering how Quinn will react to groups of Americans, like relatives, when we get home. Same reaction? Something entirely different? We'll see...

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