Monday, November 3, 2008

Boy, am I handsome

It's fun watching Quinn's personality and preferences appear. His negative preferences are easy - he literally pushes away a bottle when he's done with it or when we offer him something he doesn't want. His positive preferences are tricker, and much cuter. When he likes something, he closes his eyes and smiles broadly. If it's really awesome, he laughs to boot. It's impossibly cute. One things ALWAYS elicits this reaction: a glimpse of the Little Emperor himself in a mirror. Thankfully, there are LOTS of mirrors in Beijing - in our hotel lobby, in just about every elevator, in reflective windows. All of them make him, and us, tremendously happy.

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Sara said...

One smart and handsome little boy you have :-) I think all children love mirrors....we put up a mirror in our living room/play room...just at their height...and they LOVE it. Our 6 yr.old is always singing and dancing in front of it...our 4 yr.old loves to say his important announcements in front of it, using his play microphone, and our 2 yr.old just loves to stand in front of it and look cute.
Take Care!