Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello, America

We're home!

The journey was far easier than we had feared, thanks to a miraculously good boy who had only one bad moment on the loooong flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, when Baba tried to help fussy Quinn by popping his fingers back into his mouth. SKREEEEEEECH!!!! He screamed for about a minute and quieted down.

Quinn became an American in the eyes of the law when we touched down in LA. He seemed to understand the significance of the moment as he looked out over the tarmac:

For most of the flights, he entertained himself by playing with his toys. On the flight from Guangzhou, we were lucky to have an empty seat next to us:

He did very well, but after a while he got a bit bored:

On the long flight, he had his own little cubby under my seat - although he spent most of the flight sleeping on my seat. About two hours before we landed I gave up and surrendered the seat to him; I sat on the footrest and read a book.

Here he is in his cubby. This is the first picture he ever posed for and smiled:


Heather Thompson said...

I love his smile!!! And where did you get those great shoes?? They are so cute and exactly what I've been looking for our son!

Jill said...

Heather, sorry I just noticed your question. We got these shoes at Wal-Mart in Beijing. We also got very similar ones in various sizes at Sherry's on Shamian Island. They squeek, which is a great incentive for Quinn to walk!