Thursday, November 13, 2008

Only in China

At a very nice Thai restaurant in Guangzhou, an entire page is dedicated to food for infants:

Starbucks in America serves green tea latte, too. But the version here is VERY strongly flavored of matcha powder, and very delicious. Also much greener than the American version:


Sara said...

Oh I just LOVE all the pictures!!! Quinn is SO ADORABLE!!! He looks so soft and cuddly :-) It looks like you are soaking in every second of your trip!! I'm happy to see Starbucks there :-)

Nice travel tips..thanks! my husband just bought 2 battery-powered little alarm clocks (that illuminate)...we'll be bringing them. Any more tips...keep them coming....we're in the middle of getting all of our things lined up.

I love following your trip.

Jill said...

Thanks, Sara. One other thing: In case you haven't already booked your ticket, I'd suggest you fly straight out of China from Guangzhou. If you fly to Beijing of Shanghai first you can only check one bag per person, maximum 44 pounds and only one carry-on per person (and even a small purse counts as your carry-on). If you fly straight out of Guangzhou you can check two bags per person, up to 50 pounds each. Plus you can carry on two bags.